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5 Things To Do In Berlin

After a very long ride we finally arrived at the hotel, which was easily reached by car. Thank god for the big parking lot in the back, it’s a small luxury some hotels don’t have (and where you have to carry the bags in the end for ages to finally arrive in the hotel). Please keep in mind a day ticket is €18 though. Our first impression when we walked in was that the place looks absolutely fabulous! The main entrance and the nice open bar gives the place a relaxed (and trendy) atmosphere! Checking in was very fast, and we loved the people who are working there (so kind and polite)! They have been very helpful. One downside is the small elevator, when you are with more than 2 persons carrying your bags it can be a problem to go up or down at once (though there is a bigger elevator if needed).


When we entered the room we got happily surprised by the space you get! We stayed in the premium room, which has a trendy design. After a long trip the best thing to do is first hit the rain shower (such a nice feeling!) and drink a bottle of Berlin beer on the king sized bed. This was not a bad way at all to close the day!

The next morning (after a very long good night sleep) we enjoyed the breakfast (even if you do not stay here we recommend trying it out, it’s fresh and versatile! With the breakfast behind us, we freshened up and head to the Metro (U Nollendorfplatz) which is just a 5 minute walk from Hotel Berlin. From this point everything is just over 30 minutes away by metro.

The second night we enjoyed Hotel Berlin’s finest dinner and cocktails (we can really recommend you trying the Berlin Flair) before heading back to the room and fuel up again for another day of wandering in Berlin (which you will read about more in this Berlin review!). The waiter who helped us that night (long, short blond hair with glasses) was so polite, I personally even felt like a royalty every time he made a small bow after bringing the dinner.

The reason why we picked this hotel is because of it’s trendy looks, the location of hotel Berlin itself and the great reviews (which we totally understand). If you are looking for a hotel in Berlin please head out to their website here: and don’t forget to give their instagram also a visit to get a good impression about this venue:

2. Reichstag

When the decision was made to move the Federal Government to Berlin, it was time to reawaken the Reichstag building from its long years of slumber on the Mauerstreifen, the military zone between the two sides of the Wall. The building has since been completely modernised, and today’s visitors to the Reichstag can look out from the building’s glass dome to get a bird’s eye view of the hustle and bustle in the city. There are also a number of government buildings in the vicinity of the Reichstag, for example the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) and the Brandenburg Gate.

3. Brandenburg Gate

Without a doubt, the Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s signature attraction. Built in 1791, it was just one of many old city gates around the city of Berlin which, at that time, was still a manageable size. The decorative Pariser Platz was laid at the foot of the gate and is now home to many of the city’s important buildings, for example, the Hotel Adlon with its wealth of history and the Akademie der Künste (Academy of the Arts).

4. Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm)

The Berlin Television Tower, which is known to locals as the Fernsehturm, and is instantly recognisable from the distance, stand outs of the skyline at 368m, making it the tallest building in the city. Built in the 1960s, visitors to the tower can enjoy a unique 360° panorama of the city.

5. Berlin Cathedral

The German Cathedral (Berliner Dom) with its magnificent dome is a remarkable example the of late 19th century architecture. Near the Cathedral are also the German Historical Museum and the Museum’s Island. On the side of Berlin’s boulevard “Unter den Linden” stands the Catholic St.Hedwigs-Cathedral.




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