About Me

Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans. That is exactly what was happening to me when I realized I didn’t like it so much. My name is Bram, I am 29 years old and traveling a lot in Europe visiting its most beautiful places together with my girlfriend. From the snowy hills in Austria, to the wet climate in London (United Kingdom): I love it all! My roots are in the music industry but since 2015 I wanted to share my love of traveling with you all.

The website has been fully redesigned in January 2016 with a main focus on all the wonders this beautiful earth has to offer. I’ve changed up my style of travel many times, from volunteering, to perpetual wandering, to having home bases, to many incantations in between. Right now I am based in beautiful The Netherlands but my upcoming trips are already scheduled for this year. Where does your road lead to?