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10 Things You Must See In Amsterdam 2016

Amsterdam is maybe the most beautiful city of Europe containing the best highlights of this continent! Despite the obvious presence of thousands of visitors, its life remained authentic. From the romantic Canals to the red light district and the various amount of unique cafés, Amsterdam has something to offer for everybody. Nevertheless, there are places in the city you should not miss during your visit. We from 123 Wander selected the 10 hightlights you should see when you are scheduling a city trip to Amsterdam The Netherlands.

1. Amsterdam Canal Ring


The city old centre is formed from canal rings, which give you the feeling of space, freedom and peace. Walk through these canal streets or better – take a trip with a boat by boarding one of the tourist cruises or by renting the boat yourself. Anther way to explore the Venice of the North is to take a ride on a bicycle. Any way you decide for – enjoy this city, one of the most beautiful in the world.

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