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Perfect Watch For Travellers By Extri

We travel a lot, and one thing that has always been important to us is time. Catching your bus, taxi, ferry or plane: you need to know what time it is, how much time there is left and if you will make it (in time)! We have seen it plenty of times, people using their phones to see the time! But what happens if it runs out of juice? That is exactly the reason why we have chosen to go for an oldschool watch. And when you go for one, why don’t you go for one with amazing looks!

We went for the EXTRI X009

Extri has done her best to make an amazing watch, and that’s not all: they have so many cool models that it was very hard for us to choice which one we should go for! Luckily we love our X009 model, rocking the wrist with her black color and white and red highlights! What do you think of this amazing piece of art?

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